The ugly truth. Facebook...w.ukraińska

Autor: Sh. Frenkel
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Informacje dot. produktu "The ugly truth. Facebook...w.ukraińska"

"Most of us are currently on Facebook. We scroll through the news feed. Like, repost, comment. We trust the social network with our photos, leave personal data, phone numbers in the "bio". After all, Facebook assures: "Everything is OK, privacy is guaranteed!" And ignores human trafficking, spreads an incredible amount of shocking content, and the top manager of this most popular social network agrees on something illegal with the communist authorities of Vietnam... And now the disgusting truth is climbing from the offices of talk shows, is carried by the columns of the world media. The rapid and painful fall of Facebook, hidden legal processes, alliances and rivalries within an evil corporation, political influence, clashes with the Federal Trade Commission - Shira Frankel and Cecilia Kahn will lead you through the secret paths of the Facebook metaworld woven of lies..."

Wydawnictwo: Vivat
Autor: Sh. Frenkel
ISBN: 9789669829184
Rok wydania: Rok wydania: 2022, oprawa: twarda
Opis wydania: Strony: 432, Format: 205x150 mm

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