Overcoming codependency w.ukraińska

Autor: M. Bitty
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Do you have problems with self-esteem, a low emotional background, above all, are you afraid of loneliness? Do you feel like the great godmothers and fathers of this world and satisfy, or do you anticipate the needs of others, ignoring your own? Your diagnosis is codependency. Millions of people suffer from this mental pathology, and she finds herself in toxic relationships: marital, with parents, colleagues, friends. It's enough to live someone else's life and try to save all at the cost of their well-being, blurring personal boundaries! Light surveys will help determine your coordinates in the bizarre world of codependency, and you will not pass by the way out of this labyrinth.

Wydawnictwo: Vivat
Autor: M. Bitty
ISBN: 9789669828330
Rok wydania: Rok wydania: 2022, oprawa: twarda
Opis wydania: Strony: 304, Format: 205x150 mm

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