Miracle devices for new mothers w.ukraińska

Autor: Khrystia Slobodian
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Informacje dot. produktu "Miracle devices for new mothers w.ukraińska"

Hey, new moms! This book was created especially for you by the author, who herself recently gave birth to a little baby girl. And what started here... Real survival lessons, which, despite the difficulties, are so nice to overcome together with loved ones. The author, a woman with an incredible sense of humor, decided to make life a little easier for herself and other moms and invent miracle devices... Agree, how wonderful it would be to buy a charger for an urgent replenishment of resources or a remote control to turn off unnecessary noise and annoying advice. plasters to normalize the level of stress and mother's patience? And these are far from all the author's proposals to fabulous inventors... So get to know them and immerse yourself in such a magical world of motherhood, where, despite the large number of responsibilities and housework, a woman gets the real happiness of being a mother Attention, the book causes uncontrollable laughter and a desire to join the author and at the same moment to start inventing a robot extra or a high-speed surfing system early!

Wydawnictwo: Vivat
Autor: Khrystia Slobodian
ISBN: 9786176901648
Rok wydania: Rok wydania: 2015, oprawa: twarda
Opis wydania: Strony: 112, Format: 240x200 mm

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