Microbot and Rainbow Robots. Microbot and.. UA

Autor: O. Chaklun
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Informacje dot. produktu "Microbot and Rainbow Robots. Microbot and.. UA"

This astonishing book features two unbelievable stories about Microbot. A mischievous little robot is a real superhero, who cannot live without fun and games. After coming to the Earth, the outlander has encountered Amelie and Peter. So now, they divide the spirit of adventures and travelling together. With fun, they will seek the entrance to the fairy tale, resist the space evil, travel across the dessert, and even face the Stone Dragon, who has been constantly troubling the citizens.

These little bold characters will be doing their best to rescue the world, making all readers more helpful and open-minded to others.

Wydawnictwo: Vivat
Autor: O. Chaklun
ISBN: 9789669821140
Rok wydania: Rok wydania: 2020, oprawa: twarda
Opis wydania: Strony: 128, Format: 220x160 mm

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