Luther's true face

Autor: Fr. Jean Michel Gleize
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October 31, 2017 marks the 500th year anniversary of the famous episode (and birth of protestant revolution), when Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Church of Wittenberg. Naturally, the revolutionaries have every reason to celebrate. But what is utterly shocking is that Catholics have joined their celebration. Pope Francis participated in the 500th anniversary of this revolution. This "is quite simply a scandal" (p.12). And why so? Why is this man's action simply unacceptable?

'The much dwelt on cliché of Luther as "an obscure monk who rose from his cell", one day in 1517 to overturn Christianity is the creation of superficial (19th century) and self-serving (protestant revolution) literature, and couldn't be farther from the truth' (p.37). If so, what is the truth?

Written by French scholar and clergyman, Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, of the Society of Saint Pius X, Luther's True Face provides an in-depth look at the "Father of Protestantism." More than just a theological analysis, Fr. Gleize's study offers crucial historical details about Luther's life, the times in which he lived, and the state of the Catholic Church in the early 16th century.

Also included in this first English edition of Luther's True Face is an introduction by Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, as well as several appendices, and a copy of Pope Pius XI's landmark encyclical Mortalium Animos (on religious unity).

While Fr. Gleize approaches his subject matter through a Thomistic lens and delves deeply into Luther's doctrine, this volume is accessible to all Catholics who wish to learn about the origins of Protestantism and come away with a deeper understanding of what continues to divide Catholics and Protestants to this very day.

Wydawnictwo: DeReggio
Autor: Fr. Jean Michel Gleize
ISBN: 9788394449933
Rok wydania: Rok wydania: 2019, oprawa: twarda z obwolutą
Opis wydania: Strony: 158

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