In defense of an open society w.ukraińska

Autor: J. Soros
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Informacje dot. produktu "In defense of an open society w.ukraińska"

This brilliant and inspiring book brings together texts that have not been published before. The author raises important issues of today: the danger posed to an open society by control tools created by artificial intelligence; causes of the tragedy of the European Union; charity policy; Central European University as a center of academic freedom; the theory of reflexivity of financial markets and its political consequences. Freedom, democracy, the rule of law, human rights and social justice, which George Soros declares and effectively supports, are transformed into a call to fight for the ideals of an open society.

Wydawnictwo: Vivat
Autor: J. Soros
ISBN: 9789669821720
Rok wydania: Rok wydania: 2021, oprawa: twarda
Opis wydania: Strony: 224, Format: 210x154 mm

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